Centro Smile Photo Competition Finalist

One of my images is finalist in this year’s Centro Smile Photo Competition!

For your chance to win a $5000 shopping spree come and vote for my image instore at Centro Nepean (Penrith, NSW) or vote online at Smilephotos by clicking the image below. Choose Centro Nepean, and my image “After the Rain”

Vote to win a $5000 shopping spree, click to win!

Vote to win a $5000 shopping spree, click to win!



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For all the latest……

Head over to the new BLOG

Bit quiet here at Eye on Life!!

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Victorian Bushfires Appeal

The ongoing bushfire crisis in Victoria has been devastating for so many, and from so far away here in Sydney I have been feeling at a loss as to what I can do to help. Inspired by one of my fellow photographers Kris Leigh I am offering special sessions to help in the Appeal.

For those interested in booking a Sydney area session in February or March, please visit the Australian Red Cross website, donate your $100 session fee via the secure online donations form, send me an electronic copy of your receipt and we will organise a time and date for your session. I have 10 sessions available so please be quick and be sure to email me first so I know to expect your receipt.

In addition you will receive a complimentary 8″x12″ print as my thankyou to you for your generosity.

If you do not live in the Sydney area please visit the website of Kris Leigh as she has an ever growing list of interstate photographers also offering sessions for this cause.

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New Blog alert!

To make things a little less congested here, with personal posts totally overwhelming the business ones, I’ve set up a new blog. Strictly for client images, specials and info. And some photography tips from time to time. In particular I will be moving the Storyboard tutorials over there very soon. The new blog can be found at:

Lisa Barnes Photography Blog

Please add it to your Bloglines or whatever system you have. Did I mention I LOVE Bloglines?? I’m a blog junkie.

This blog will continue. And I WILL get on with documenting the family trip!

And yes, I failed miserably on my Photo a Day for January project. Way too ambitious. But we did have loads of fun!

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POTDC January 8

Today the temperature was noticeably cooler. Fresh. My sister Holly came over for the day and offered to take the girls for a surf with their boogey boards. Not a chance I was getting in on a day like that, so a great opportunity to take the camera.

They had the area between the flags all to themselves. The locals are obviously much smarter than to get in there on a day like this. Regardless, the girls had a ball with Aunty Hol.

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POTDC January 7

Such a fabulous day today. More of the same water fun really. And a trip to Avalon beach for some surf action. Which the kids LOVED!

I actually didn’t drag the camera out, until later in the day when I realised I hadn’t got any shots for the challenge. At which point Declan hurt his knee. It looked like it was all over red rover. Till Nanny found the “magic powder”, and things were mildly better again.

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POTDC January 6

Another day in the sun. Snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, fossicking for shells and digging in the sand.

I was taking photos of the girls in their snorkelling gear, when Declan came running along the jetty, insistant on geting in a shot with the girls.

Here are a few others from the day:

Now, lets see if I can catch up a day somewhere here. I’m still 3 days behind. I have taken the photos though, so it will happen. Soon.


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