Thanks for visiting! I'm Lisa, photographer, & wife to Shane, mum to Erin, Miranda & Declan. Get your EYES on our life here! 


5 responses to “About

  1. James

    i understand you’re busy, what with this website that i forgot you even had! anyway.. i am on msn if you want to add.. i understand if you have forgotten or haven’t gotten around to it. 😛

  2. Sarah

    Amazing! Lisa – a note from Canada to say your photos are amazing. I’m honestly speechless looking at them. They are outstanding.

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  4. Therese

    Hey, Alex & Richard told about this blog – wow, so professional!! Your pictures are getting more and more incredibly beautiful – but then again your subjects are exactly that too.

    A very belated congrats on your 10 years… I’m sorry that I forgot it as it really was a memorable day and I’m at least glad they will still see each other, albeit less regularly.

    Hope to see all the Barnes very soon, T. xxx

  5. Theresa Brereton

    Hi Lisa
    Been looking for your email on your blog but cant seem to find it. (using my ipad, instead of a puter).
    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing some tutorials! Much appreciated…all the way from Ontario, Canada!

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