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New Camera!

I've put off buying a new camera for a while now. Originally I wanted the 5D, but decided it was too much $$ and more camera than I really needed. I decided to wait it out for the 30D.

On the early hours of Friday morning, with the wedding to shoot the next day I made a snap decision to bite the bullet and make the purchase. I did a bit of internet research, and headed into the city to pick it up. I am so happy with this camera. It is wonderful. I can't believe how much faster it is than the 10D.

Under inspiration from wonderful American photographer Audrey Woulard, who is a master with Natural Light & a 50mm, I wanted to experiment with shooting manual in sunshine, with the subjects back to the sun. Erin was a very willing model & I'm stunned with the images that resulted.



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Such a stunning image

Originally uploaded by Simone H.

Taking a little look around flickr today I stumbled on this lovely image by Simone Hanckel. I have admired her work for quite some time, much of it is stunning. She does amazingly soulful work in Black & White. A true inspiration

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