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POTDC January 7

Such a fabulous day today. More of the same water fun really. And a trip to Avalon beach for some surf action. Which the kids LOVED!

I actually didn’t drag the camera out, until later in the day when I realised I hadn’t got any shots for the challenge. At which point Declan hurt his knee. It looked like it was all over red rover. Till Nanny found the “magic powder”, and things were mildly better again.


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POTDC January 6

Another day in the sun. Snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, fossicking for shells and digging in the sand.

I was taking photos of the girls in their snorkelling gear, when Declan came running along the jetty, insistant on geting in a shot with the girls.

Here are a few others from the day:

Now, lets see if I can catch up a day somewhere here. I’m still 3 days behind. I have taken the photos though, so it will happen. Soon.


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POTDC January 05

The kids and I decided a few days of fun in the sun with my parents was just what we needed. And what an amazingly beautiful place it is. My kids are blessed to spend their summers amongst the rocks, searching for shells, swimming, kayaking. Hours melt in to days here so easily.

Here Declan paddles in the shallows, a small figure barely noticeable against the spectacular backdrop, makes the most of the last minutes before bedtime.

And one more I love from the day…..

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POTDC January 4

Shane has been subjected to all manner of punishments today. He’s had his hair filled with glitter and gel, his stubble snipped and shaved, and finally, his face painted like a clown. Priceless.

He was somewhat uncooperative when it came to being photographed though. Completely unwilling to step outside, and harder to pose than a child. No respect for my need to have an uncluttered background at all. Either take it now or don’t take it at all… here it is. Now, nobody mention to him that you saw him on the blog, OK?? I mean, he knows I’m doing the challenge, he knows I took photos of him, I’m kind of assuming he knows what will happen to them, but lets just not mention it.


I couldn’t resist, he just appeared looking like this. A new tatoo. Way cool.

Just a little forewarning that the next few days will be a bit late. The kids and I are heading down to Clareville tomorrow for a few days of beachside fun with Mum & Dad. I will catch it all up when I return.

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POTDC January 3

The girls got new bikes from us for Christmas. Unbelievably, today is the first day they’ve had them out in the paddock for a really good go. Truthfully, they were a bit scared by the size of them. They tried them in the shops and were all brave about having big bikes. When they actually got them and realised they were on tippy-toes to reach the floor it was a little more daunting!

Once they got over their trepidation both girls were wizzing off down the paddock on them in no time.

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POTDC 2 January 2009

Still the best of friends, still the worst of enemies. These two are so lucky to have each other. Having a great Summer holiday is so much easier when you have someone to share it with. Someone who likes the things you do. Someone who gets your sense of humour. Someone who is always willing to swim, dance, sing, ride with you. It’s hard to remember sometimes that there’s 2 years between them.

We arrived home from a day of fun (read: driving over an hour to the other side of the city to exchange Erin’s iPod she got from Mum for her birthday that doesn’t work) to find our Koi pond almost entirely drained! Not good, though thankfully there was just enough water left for the fish to still be alive. What we did discover is that we appear to have 11 new baby fish! And not all that tiny either, so they must have been in there a while.

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