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You Colour My World – Up for Grabs!!!!

Boy did I spend a lot of time making this soaker! I hand dyed the coloured wool and knitted it all myself. I was so very proud of my achievement.

It’s time to admit that this gorgeous soaker is sitting in a drawer going to waste. I knitted it as a night cover, it did a wonderful job for a short time, then was relegated to a drawer when we changed our night nappying routine and hasn’t seen the light of day since. I hate to see it sitting in a drawer, and would like to get it out there & onto a bubs bum!

Its a size medium to large I guess. Pictured here on Declan at about 18 months old, I’d guess it’d fit well into toddlerhood (depending on the toddler of course).

Now, I’m no fancy knitter, so its not perfect. It is cute though 🙂 It is of course lightly used, but all clean & freshly lanolised.

So, who wants it? Convince me it should be yours. Its a freebie, no payment allowed. You’ve got till 24th February! Email me at:



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Erin’s Easter Egg

Erin's Easter Egg

Originally uploaded by Lisa Barnes.

When Erin saw Miranda's latest artwork made it to web, she was inspired to do one too. Nothing like a little bit of healthy competition!

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All EYES here…

It’s time I got my own blog 🙂 Well & truly time so here I am. Nothing witty or insightful tonight, I apologise. For now I’ll be whizzing around figuring out how to do this

Keep your EYES  on this space 🙂


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